“Emma, 13, and her friends talk to boys on the Internet during her birthday party, Edina, Minnesota.”

A drawing of my bedroom that I later turned into a watercolour/gouache painting with lots of pretty colours :)
Coloured pencil and fineliner, 2013 Shanti Shea An.

Sofia Coppola at the Mirabella fifth anniversary party in 1994

Elinor Carrucci - Closer
Mother drives me in the rain. (2000)
Pauline’s bedroom 
Pauline and I have matching Himalayan salt rock lamps. They’re supposed to naturally purify the air in your room. I’m not sure about that - but I’ve never slept better with that magical red glow ~

Henri Matisse - The Pink Studio, 1911, oil on canvas

Shiro Kuramata, Flower Vase, 1989

Stanley Kubrick and his daughter Vivian, circa 1979